Monday, June 20, 2011

Watonga - 6/20/2011

The Watonga library is another of those that has had me back nearly every year I've been doing summer reading programs! We always look forward to seeing what they've done to decorate, and this year they did not disappoint. There was a huge igloo in the program room, made out of empty milk jugs!
Evalyn is counting - trying to guess how many jugs for a drawing for a stuffed penguin.

Never mind that penguins are South Pole and igloos are North Pole, this is still the coolest thing ever!

I stood between a rain forest and an igloo for this program - and you thought the weather was weird where you are today!

This little guy fell asleep and was dead to the world while other kids did the "Acrocanthosaurus" dance.

Coming up - programs in Talequah, Tulsa, Hollis and Altus this week. See the full schedule here:

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  1. Wow, I totally want to make one of those igloos in my backyard now! Do they have a pattern or assembly tips available? That's all kinds of awesome!

    Poor sleeping kiddo. Hubby and I went to a TMBG all ages concert before our daughter was born and saw this kid, about 7ish, SO EXCITED all before the show and by the time the opening act finished, the kid was zonked asleep in his seat. You just know he'd looked forward to it for ages and then slept through it. Tragic! It's hard to be a kid!