Saturday, August 18, 2012

Your Birthday Present From Me!

This Tuesday, August 21, is my birthday! And I want to celebrate by giving you a present!

For 24 hours, starting Monday at midnight, I will set the download price for all seven of my CDs on CDBaby to $0.

Yes, you heard right - free music for YOU and your friends on MY birthday!

And in case you would care to get me a little something, here's my wish list:

  • Download some free music on Tuesday - it'll boost my sales numbers.
  • Post a review on CDBabyAmazon, or iTunes. It can be just one sentence about your favorite Monty Harper CD. 
  • Finally, drop by and say hi. I'll be "hanging out" with friends on Google+ Tuesday afternoon. I'd love to see you there!

Thanks for being a fan!


  1. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Oh my gosh Monty,
    I didn't know it was your birthday when I spoke to you on the phone today
    of else you would have heard the whole song of
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY sung backwards to you

    you know the lyrics...
    and so on...


    1. Well, you can sing it to me any time!

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I really love your music, I use the songs as the soundtrack to DVDs of pictures from our school year. The library songs are so perfect for our home reading program - thanks for sharing all cds with us!!

  3. Thank you so very much. I've bought actual CD's that we have actually managed to kill over the years and was slowly trying to replace the songs my oldest loved most for my youngest. This gave me a great jump start on introducing the younger 3 to your music!
    I did reviews on all of the albums on Amazon, hope they help!

    1. Hi Yabby, that's great! I really appreciate the reviews and I know they will help! Thank you, thank you!!

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely music!
    I came across your music in my pursuit of book lover songs... and well, you have a lot of them!

    I have left some reviews and will continue to work on them, till I've left reviews for all your CDs... in all three places. =) Your work is fantastic! I love it. Thanks again!

    1. Wow, great!! Thanks Meg!

    2. No, no! Thank you! =) And I don't even have small children! Hahahaha... your songs are fantastic. I love them. Thank you for doing all that you do and for sharing it with the world. =)

      (Amazon--done, iTunes--done but pending!)

    3. Meg, you are welcome.

      But I do sincerely thank you as well! Many folks downloaded the songs; relatively few have replied or posted reviews. So I do very much appreciate your follow-up! It's great to know I have an enthusiastic new fan!!

    4. P.S. - I just read your Amazon reviews - wow! You keep making my day! Big grins! Thank you!