Friday, June 07, 2013

Altus and Hollis

Yesterday Lisa and I woke at 4:15 AM, dropped Evalyn and Nutmeg off with Grandma, and hit the road for the nearly four hour drive to Hollis, in the SW corner of Oklahoma! Lisa is such a wonderful supporter, driving all that way so that I can rest and put my energy into the shows! 

It was the first program of the summer for Hollis, and I think this was my biggest audience there yet! 

Can you say, "Concertina?"

Triceratops Bop!

We grabbed lunch at Fat Daddy's in Altus before the second show. Good thing we decided to split a sandwich - we both were stuffed!

We had a super audience at Altus! Just the right mix of parents and kids together, with everyone participating. We had a great time!

I use this black-footed ferret to introduce a song written by fourth graders at Richmond Elementary here in Stillwater. We'll have a naming contest for my noodley little friend on Facebook soon.

Talking with some fans after the show.

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