Monday, June 10, 2013

Hutchinson and Pratt, Kansas!

Great day today in Kansas! We figured out that the last time I was in Hutchinson was fourteen years ago! We won't let it go that long again. The Hutchinson crowd were fantastic participators! Then we drove to Pratt for an evening performance, where we had a small but very enthusiastic crowd and we were nearly overrun by rampaging dinosaurs! 

Horned lizards, a.k.a. "Horny Toads" popping up in Hutchinson.

Triceratops Bop

The Hutchinson library had the greatest decorations - it was like walking into a cave with stalactites and bats hanging from the ceiling. Here I'm posing with fans in front of the gnome home. 

Evalyn snagged an awesome chair for reading in Pratt.

Pinch your nose and sing along...

Library Bookaneers

Long-necked dinosaurs!

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