Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Paseo Arts FEAST July 16 in OKC

I am one of five artists selected for the July 16 Paseo Arts FEAST! This is a chance for me to receive a grant in support of my work writing songs with kids. This is also a chance for you to support that work!!

Here's how the FEAST works:
During a meal, five different artists get five minutes each to present their proposals. At the end of the evening, attendees vote on their favorite. The artist with the most votes receives all the proceeds in order to make their proposal happen!

My proposal in a nutshell:
I would like to purchase some portable recording equipment that will enable me involve the kids I work with in arranging and recording songs they've written! Making recordings of the songs is an important way to ensure that their efforts will connect with a wider community. Right now I do that for them at home. Being able to arrange and record with the kids during class will increase their exposure to different music-making skills, increase their feeling of ownership in the overall project, and also increase my ability to receive Oklahoma Arts Council funding for what I do.

How you can participate:
Getting as many of my supporters in the room as possible is part of the game here! Tickets are $30 each. For your ticket you get:
- A meal at Joey's Pizzeria, 700 W. Sheridan in OKC, 6:00-8:00PM
- A fun evening watching artists describe their hopes and dreams
- A vote
- The wonderful feeling that comes from supporting the arts. Even if your ticket money doesn't go to me it will go to one of the other four deserving artists presenting that evening.

To help out, you can buy a ticket - even if you can't be there, it'd be a great gift for a friend who can - and/or help spread the word.

You can get your ticket and find out more here:

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