Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last Summer Program - Clearwater, KS

Hard to believe that today was our last library program for the summer! It's been a great summer! Thanks to everyone who came out to see a show, and to all the libraries who hired me to perform! Hopefully we'll see you again next year!!

Lisa and I were on our own today while Evalyn stayed with grandma so she could do art camp and a swim lesson. We had a super show at the library in Clearwater, KS! Then we headed over to McConnell Air Force Base where I sang for nearly an hour to a group of energetic five-and-unders. Both the shows were so much fun! More days like today, please!

Our camera batteries gave out, but not before Lisa managed to grab a few photos at Clearwater. At McConnell she had to resort to her iPhone. Here they are, enjoy...

Nearly all the kids wanted to come up for the dinosaur song, and it was a small crowd, so I decided they could have the stage and I would sing from the audience. I don't often get to see the back of my own head. Hmmm...

This is at McConnell AFB. During "Library Bookaneers" we formed a line and marched around the room!

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