Thursday, July 04, 2013

Metropolitan Library System - Days 2 and 3

Tuesday I was on my own - so no photos from Lisa, sorry! I was in Bethany for two morning shows, then Belle Isle in the evening. Crowds were small but spirited! I think "You're a Dinosaur" in Belle Isle may have been the best ever. My volunteer dinosaurs started running through the audience to do their dinosaur moves, but they always came back to a line at the front for the next verse!

Yesterday we were at the Wright branch for the morning and Warr Acres in the afternoon. Lisa was there to take photos, and here they are:

The Wright program was at a nearby church.

Triceratops Bop

Roundy Round - not a regular part of the program, but sometimes I'll throw in a different song just for fun.

At Warr Acres we had a very chatty crowd - I always have fun when I can interact a lot with the kids!

Can you guess what's in this box?

Stegosaur Swing

Tyrannosaur Crunch

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