Thursday, October 28, 2004

On the Road in Locust Grove

Here I am in Locust Grove, killing time between shows. I'm at the Early Learning Center. I sang for Pre-K and Kindergarten this morning. They were a great group and gave me their attention for a whole 40 minutes. We ended with "Trick or Treat" which is kind of a tradition for me here at Locust Grove, and even though it's been a couple of years, the kids jumped right in on the chorus! It's always fun when they know my songs!

I'll sing for 1st and 2nd grade here pretty soon and the councelor assures me that they know the songs even better!

Last night we had our ninth band rehearsal. This time we didn't record, but just ran through the songs two or three times each, working out any kinks that still remain. For the most part the songs are sounding great! We'll have one more rehearsal before the big debut show a week from Saturday in OKC.

Hi Lisa and Evalyn! I love you!! See you soon!

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