Friday, October 29, 2004

Pioneer Pleasant Vale

This is the end of Red Ribbon Week and I've spent the last two days performing at two of my favorite schools. Both are schools I've visited many many times for RRW over the years.

The afternoon show at Locust Grove yesterday with 1st and 2nd grade was great as expected. One of the teachers requested "Lisa Lee Elizabeth" and I thought that song was tattooed to my brain so to speak - that I'd always be able to sing it - so I launched into it, and when I got to Tom Paul's name I hit a mental block! I just couldn't get it right. I muddled through, and the kids were very forgiving (they always are!). But it was rather frustrating, especially since looking back I realize that I hit the same mental block on the same song a week earlier at Pottery Barn Kids! Kids often ask if I ever get embarrassed and the answer is yes, when stuff like this happens I do, but I've learned how to be embarrassed without letting it bother me. I guess I will have to practice that song again-!! (My bass player, Bob Moore, would say I've got old person's disease.)

Well, some highlights from that show were "Loose Tooth," "You're a Dinosaur," and "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet" (of course) all of which went over very well (and all of which will be part of the upcoming performances and CD with the band!).

Those songs were highlights today as well at Pioneer-Pleasant Vale school, just outside of Enid, where I sang for PreK-6th grade. "Our Principal Plays in a Rock and Roll Band" was a big hit too, especially when Mr. Coonrod came out playing the inflatable guitar! "Fifty Ways to Say No to Drugs" also had the kids clapping along and cheering. Three volunteers came to the front to give their input. Each verse presents a situation in which the singer is pressured to try a drug, and my volunteers gave responses which I then put into the song.

The kids at Pioneer were great - they were wildly enthusiastic with their participation but also very quick to quiet themselves for the next song. When I said "time for one more" the 6th grade began clamoring for "Trick or Treat." When I hit the chorus I was taken aback by the sheer force of the sound of all the grades singing along! I found out later they'd been listening to the tape.

After the show, and after Mr. Coonrod took a pie in the face (nothing to do with me), the kids headed outside for "Trunk or Treat." Parents had decorated the trunks of their cars and were handing out goodies to the kids as they walked from car to car. I stayed on and handed out flyers from the back of my car about the upcoming show in Stillwater, Nov 22. So I hope to see a lot of those enthusiastic Pioneer-Pleasant Vale kids at the show!

Several digital photos were taken both days. I'm hoping to receive a few by email soon, and I'll post them here if I do!

Thanks everyone for two great days. Hopefully I'll see you next year!

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