Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Evalyn Steals the Show

Here are Evalyn and I this morning at the library in Fort Gibson, singing "Oklahoma Annie." We now have four performances together under our belts. Even though Daddy left the doohickey at home that connects Evalyn's microphone to the sound system, all the shows have gone great, and "Oklahoma Annie" has been a highlight. Evalyn sings her part out strong and clear, and the audience stays very quiet so they can hear her (maybe no microphone is a GOOD idea?).

After arriving home from Checotah this evening, it was bring in the bags, log sales in on the computer and restock the CD case, check email, print maps for tomorrow, get Evalyn in bed and read to, and now do this - oh, yes, grab the doohickey that connects Evalyn's mic to the sound system and throw it in the car - then it'll be off to Miami first thing in the early morning! I'd better get some zzzzzzzzz.........

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