Monday, July 05, 2010

Ft. Gibson and Checotah

Thanks to everyone who sent feedback about the artwork. The poll seemed to be having some technical trouble, but it looks like option D won out, which was Lisa's favorite. When am I going to learn to just do what she says? She's always right.

Tomorrow I perform at the library here in Stillwater, Wednesday we'll be in McAlester, then Thursday I launch the Kickstarter campaign. I've been working hard on the pitch video. Getting excited about it!

Last Tuesday we were in Ft. Gibson and Checotah. Lisa took some great photos in Ft. Gibson, taking advantage of their fishy decor...

This little one really wanted to be on stage with me!

Checotah's program room was over the top - er, rather - under the water. Check out the yellow submarine. The kids are trying to submerge it by reading enough books by end of summer to weigh it down.

It's a stampede!

Check out our free song of the week, "Rock n Roll, Read All About It" on the Calendar Songs page.
Stay tuned and stay cool!

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