Saturday, November 06, 2004

First Show

Boy am I worn out!

Our first show for the new CD was this afternoon in OKC. We had about 45 people in the audience, including three who came all the way from Plano, TX! Hi, Keith and Sarah and Chad! - It was great to see you there today!

Evalyn made a new friend - she can't stop talking about Rachel, who came early with her mom to help us out with programs and the sales table. Thanks Monica and Rachel and Evan!

Folks purchased CDs of the show afterward (they'll be in the mail soon) so it couldn't have gone too badly! I was just glad to survive it. I will get to hear the recording Tuesday, and I will reserve judgement until then.

Even though we had a small audience, they were great with the participation parts, and I'll be excited to hear how that turned out on tape. (Well, on disc I guess I should say - it's all digital!)

Most of the folks there were fans, so it was a good chance to find out how the show with the band compares to just me. Most of those I had a chance to talk to said they liked the band - it does give the songs some extra kick! One dad said that something is lost performing with the group, but something also gained, so it's just different. If you were there, please post your impressions!

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