Thursday, November 18, 2004

On the Road: Bartlesville 4

Here we are in the library at Jane Phillips Elementary. I've done both my shows for the day. Lisa is chatting with the librarians and Evalyn is getting to know Dewey the stuffed panda bear, who just got a set of reindeer antlers to wear on his head.

I added "Big Red Fire Truck" to today's programs, and that went really well. I haven't performed it a whole bunch yet, so I'm still learning how to interact with the kids on it. In both shows they started singing along with the chorus with no prompting. That's always a good sign! Fire Truck is one of the songs that I think sounds especially great with the band - we'll be recording it during the show tomorrow night.

This morning at Hoover, the librarian filmed part of the show with her digital video camera. The footage will be edited and used as part of their in-school morning news show tomorrow morning. How cool is that? If I can get a copy I'll try and post it here later.

The librarian here just took a digital photo - I'll see if I can post that right now.

Last night I spent a couple of hours practicing in the hotel room. "Can It Be Over" is the one song in the program for tomorrow night that is new to this project. It's a fun song and it shows off each band member, giving them a chance to solo. It's also very simple, but frustratingly difficult. I think all the band members feel that way about it. But that's the story of my life - If I can make a simple thing difficult I'll find a way to do it. Anyhow, practice practice practice. I'll try to get some more in tonight, then the big day will be here and it'll go how it goes.

I really hope to see a lot of the folks from the schools out at Tri County Tech for the show. Everyone's been very very friendly and helpful and the kids have been fantastic. If I get half the enthusiasm at the big show we'll end up with a great recording!

Signing off...

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