Tuesday, November 16, 2004

On the Road: Bartlesville1

Here I am in Bartlesville at Wayside Elementary, ready for my second show of the day. The librarian, Mrs. Ruddick is reading Henry and Mudge to Evalyn. She's been keeping Evalyn entertained while Lisa and I set up for the show.

This morning we were at Ranch Heights. The show went very well. I had PK-2nd in the audience as well as a nice group of parents. We did Take Me to Your Library, Silly Song, Grandma's House, Frog Song, You're a Dinosaur, and Trick or Treat. We had two interpreters for the deaf translating my lyrics into sign language! We had a fun moment when I got to the "Ackbo Eckto..." part of Take Me to Your Library and looked over to see how they were going to handle it - they were very good and kept their cool the whole time. I can't imagine trying to translate my lyrics on the fly - it's got to be something of a challenge.

I'll be glad to get back to the hotel room and take a nap. I was up late last night with our last band rehearsal. We recorded 12 of the 13 songs we've learned, just for reference. I made a rough mix, but didn't have time to burn it to a CD. But while I listened at home I thought it was sounding really good. Friday's show is not to be missed! Hope to see you there...

The kids are coming into the room now, so I've got to go. "Talk" to you later!

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