Monday, November 22, 2004

The Third (and last) Show

I just got in from the last show. It went very well. I was a bit nervous about the time constraint - we had to be in at 5:00, ready to play at 6:30, and out by 9:00. But we were able to get in a bit early and with previous experience we got set up quickly and had plenty of time to run through a few songs before the doors opened at 6:30. We had none of the trouble from the room that we had at the tech rehearsal and I felt more relaxed before this show than the others.

We could hear each other well, and the band played very well together. The audience was great! We had a good sized group - they filled the front middle section of the theater and spilled over into the sides. The band enjoyed watching the kids rocking out in their seats!

One piece of bad news from Steve - apparently the computer he was recording on suffered a glitch and failed to record all of "Horny Toad" which is particularly aggravating, since I felt we did our best job ever performing that song. For those who ordered a CD of the show, I'm not sure what this means - I may be able to edit together a short version of the song. We'll just have to see how big the "hole" is in the recording.

I'll head for Steve's studio in OKC tomorrow evening to pick up all the recordings and load them onto my own hard drive. Then begins the post production process of editing and mixing. I'll keep you "posted!"

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