Wednesday, November 17, 2004

On the Road: Bartlesville3

Here we are in the library at Oak Park Elementary. I've just finished my programs. We had a small space to work with so we split the group in two, and I started with PreK and Kindergarten. We did three songs: Silly Song,The Frog Song, You're a Dinosaur. It was a bit of a departure for me to jump right in with the participation songs, but I knew time would be short. The second group was first and second grade. We did Take Me to Your Library, Loose Tooth, You're a Dinosaur, Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library, and Trick or Treat. On that last song, I forgot to teach them the words before hand and they took me by surprise when we came to the chorus; they jumped right in and sang what I call the "Froggy" version at full voice! (I will let you go read the Froggy picture books to figure out what I mean by the Froggy version.)This morning at Wilson we had a short show too because we got started late and had to finish before the next gym class.

Anyhow, this is going to get redundant, because all the groups have been so great. Very spirited and fun.

Now it's back to the hotel room for a good nap! Lisa and I both are feeling sleep deprived. I slept last night, but must not have slept well - I've been yawning all day!

Lisa has worn out her voice reading to Evalyn and they are both anxious to go, so I'll stop for now. Bye bye!

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