Friday, November 02, 2007

Eufaula Elementary

Wow, this morning I got to be a rock star! The kids at Eufaula have been listening to my CDs. They recognized me in the hallway when I arrived and were excited to see me, giving high fives and even asking for autographs. This was the first time I did my Oklahoma program for a group who had learned the songs ahead of time. I absolutely loved hearing the kids sing right along! That's the kind of stuff that makes this a fun job!

The librarian, Robyn Burris, even wrote a new verse for my "Oklahoma Heroes at the Library" song! Here it is, but I'm not going to supply the answer - you'll know it anyway.

She was a small town girl attending NSU
When she left Oklahoma for her tv debut.
On American Idol she could not be beat,
Her songs have topped the country charts week after week.
Her family in Checotah always knew she was good.
Sing a song at the library with...

I learned a couple of new greetings for the "Howdy Song," as well...

In Afghanistan they say "sing-gay" and the word for friend is "jor-day."
Also, the Creek say "stungo."

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