Saturday, November 03, 2007

TPAC Library Programs

I had two more shows based around the book Tomas and the Library Lady in Tulsa libraries today. For the first program, at the Nathan Hale branch, there were six kids and two adults in the audience. I did a new song inspired by the book, "Reading Lifts Me Up." I improvised the verses based on input from the audience. It's nice with such a small group because each kid got to help make up their own verse, and that was a lot of fun.

At South Broken Arrow, I had no audience! The librarians couldn't leave the checkout desk, so I brought my guitar and concertina out into the main library and sang a few songs for them.

It's really too bad these shows weren't more well attended, because the concept is really cool. About four times a year the Tulsa Performing Arts center brings in a play based on children's literature. They call it the "Imagination Series." Some titles they've done include Pippi Longstocking, Little House on the Prairie, and Junie B. Jones. Coming up are Madeline and the Bad Hat, and Miss Nelson Has a Field Day, plus of course Tomas and the Library Lady, on the 9th of this month.

In conjunction with each of these plays, the TPAC Trust and the Tulsa Library Trust present a series of library programs based around the books, in which the performer reads from the book as part of the show. They also give away a free pair of tickets to see the corresponding play at the TPAC.

It's disappointing that this series isn't wildly popular. I'm afraid if they keep going unattended they'll disappear. Let's hope the library system keeps plugging them, and that they'll catch on!


  1. Is that where the Pippi Longsocking "Villa Hulakula" song came from - one of those programs? Honestly, that's an amazing song - one of three or four favorites from the three albums of yours that I've heard.

  2. Hi Jeremiah,

    Thanks! "Villa Villakula Hula" is one of my favorites of my songs, too. I'm glad you like it! The song was inspired by the Pippi Longstocking stories, which originally were published in three books by Astrid Lindgren in 1945-1948, and have since been made into various movies, plays, etc. You should check out the books - they're fun!