Thursday, November 29, 2007

Poor Ruby Sue!

I can still hardly believe it. Evalyn and I were in a wreck on the way to school Tuesday morning. Nobody was hurt. The other driver came speeding through an intersection and smacked us. We both claim our light was green. Fault has not been assigned yet.

Our trusty Ruby Sue (the Subaru), whom we've driven for ten years and more than 230,000 miles, is pretty banged up. We kept her in very good shape. We're waiting to find out whether the insurance company will declare her a total loss. If so, we're certain not to get a check from them that'll cover what she's worth to us!

Over Thanksgiving Break my dad was in the hospital having a tumor removed. Lisa and I spent much of Monday helping get him home. He's now preparing for chemotherapy. The doctors say that his type of cancer is highly curable, though he is in for a few months of periodic misery with the chemo.

It's been a tough two weeks, but Lisa and I are trying hard not to let all this derail us. We are hyper-thankful that all of us are safe and in one piece each, and we're anxious to get started working on the Summer 2008 program and schedule, now that the Centennial is over.

To end on a positive note or two...

Here's a photo of Evalyn during "Oklahoma Annie" which we performed with her class for her school last Monday.

My Paws Claws Scales and Tales CD received an honor the other day. It has been included in the Z Recommends Holiday Gift Guide for 2007. Z Recommends is a blog about children's products, and they published a fantastic review of the CD.

Here's a quote from the review: "In the space of thirteen trim little songs, Harper turns in one of the best songs about reading ever aimed at young boys ("Dog Books"), one of the best wholesale rewrites of a traditional campfire song ("The Cat Came Back"), and a sparkling song about a great character of children's literature ("Villa Villekulla Hula," about Pippi Longstocking)."

All six of my CDs have also been approved for inclusion in the Children's Music Hall of Fame, and will be showing up there soon!

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