Monday, June 15, 2009

Healdton and Davis

Shows today in Healdton and Davis, OK! We were up at 4:30 AM in order to get on the road, and we drove under ominous clouds producing pretty impressive lightning. Despite this dark start, the day went wonderfully.

Here I am at Healdton. As usual, Lisa took these great photos for me!

"Don't Look I'm Making a Book" - most photographed moment. Also, most requested song by moms.

"Be Creative" decorations. Lisa was in love with those cats.

Here's the entire audience, after the show, playing their hands like maracas.

Howdy to my Davis audience. They were a bit unresponsive at first, but we got them warmed up soon enough.

Evalyn is learning to "pop" for the "Brainiacs" song.

This is what Evalyn typically does during most of the program:

Dancing like dinosaurs!

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