Thursday, June 18, 2009

Skiatook, Tulsa

We had quite a tight schedule today, with a program at 1:00 at Skiatook, and another at 3:00 at Schusterman-Benson, in Tulsa. We didn't have time for photos after the Skiatook show, and the second show had a very small audience, so we didn't end up with many photos to share.

Both shows went really really well, though, and were a lot of fun. I got into a big discussion with the kids before the first show about Sponge-Bob Squarepants. (One of the girls had him on her shirt.) The whole room got into it - we were trying to remember the words to the Spongebob song, and then we were trying to figure out whether he actually lives underwater or not. Supposedly he does, but so many things go in in that cartoon that don't make sense underwater, nobody really seems sure. What do you think?

I'm adding a story to this post that I forgot to tell, but this is really wild. At the Schusterman-Benson show I had a pretty young audience, so I decided to do "Big Red Fire Truck." Very visible right outside the large window at the side of the room, there was a maintenance man doing some work on the lawn. Exactly at the part of the song where I sing "See the ladder go up...", the maintenance man lifted a ladder up against the building. Everyone could see him and we all just cracked up. I looked expectantly over on the line "See the people climb down," but nobody climbed down the ladder.

Anyhow, here are a couple of photos from Skiatook, during the show.

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