Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hugoton, KS

Lisa and I left Evalyn at her grandma's yesterday so that she could do swimming lessons in the evening, and we drove six hours up through the Oklahoma panhandle to Hugoton, KS. They have a very nice library there, newly renovated with a nice big program room. I had a super audience this morning and Lisa, as always, took some great photos for you. 

"I'm gonna play my ribs like a kalimba!"

Instead of decorating for the "Be Creative" theme, the librarians had covered one wall in the program room in white paper, and after the show, kids were invited to draw something on the wall. I took a turn, as you can see. The finished masterpiece (ha ha) read: "Monty Harper sez READ A BOOK!"

I also got to pose with a few of the kids, next to their creations. A green tornado:

A rockin purple guitar:

Flower, butterfly, turtle, caterpillar, and more.

During the six hour drive home, Lisa helped me write down some notes about the program. We are still trying to figure out the best way to present "Reading Makes Me Want to Dance Out Loud." 

If you don't know the song (from the new CD), each verse asks kids to dance like a character from a picture book. The four books have one thing in common - they are each about a dancing animal. For example, Dumpy LaRue is a dancing pig.

Kids have a part where they shout "me!" and that works really well, but the dancing aspect needs help. Should we suggest specific moves for each animal, or keep it open to the kids' creativity? Should Evalyn maybe demonstrate some dance moves (when available)? What do you think?

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