Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lost photos from Cushing, OK and Holton, KS

Just catching up a bit here. I missed posting these photos from a couple of weeks back!

These are from June 8 at Holton, KS. My audience was in two sections, at right angles to each other, so you see about half of them here.

Next are some shots from June 9 in Cushing. The library was built in the late 1930's, and still has many of the original features. The program was in a funky little basement room that we had to ride an elevator up, then a different elevator back down, to get to! One side of the room is dominated by a checker-tiled semi-circular stage area. The colorful frescos on the walls are original, and much of the furniture is original. The folding chairs from the 30's have only recently been replaced with new ones. It was a fun space to perform in.

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