Monday, June 01, 2009

Sand Springs - First Summer Shows!

I did my first two summer shows in Sand Springs today, debuting FIVE new songs from the "Let's Get Creative" CD, and it went very well. I had two fantastic groups of kids, and I learned a lot about how to present the new songs.

Here are some photos from the day. Evalyn sang the chorus on "Don't Look, I'm Making a Book," just like on the CD. 

"Silly Song" continues to amaze us in terms of just how well it works to get the kids loosened up and participating. A simple song, but not simplistic. Here I am grinning like a shark.

Here is a shot from the second show of me and Evalyn together on stage.

"Pop Up Sit Down" always makes for fun photos:

Lisa made me pose for this one, so I might as well share it!

After we got home and had some dinner, Evalyn was off to her first swimming lesson of the summer. Here she is in the pool:

And afterwards, here she is feeding a cracker to a water-monster pipe.

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