Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We were back at the Lawton library today. We'd been there many years in a row, but missed last year. It was good to be back! (I made sure to say hi to the big paper mache dinosaur!)

We had three large groups. Here is from the first performance, "Reading Makes Me Want to Dance Out Loud":

We were surprised and pleased to see that the program room had been remodeled in our absence. (I'm sure they wanted to impress us for our next visit!) The friends of the library had provided all these colorful carpets for the kids to sit on. Here I am posing with some kids on one of them after the first show.

The third show was the most crowded. Look at this huge group!

Not sure what I'm doing here, but Lisa managed to capture a different gesture than usual.

"Hanging Out With Heroes" (Dr. Seuss version) - and the answer is...

More posing with kids on the carpets:

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