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Jenks West, 3/4/05

Jenks West, 3/4/05
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I performed at Jenks West Elementary today. This was one of their "traits" assemblies, about courage, so I was asked to speak and sing about courage. I didn't have time to write a song that was directly related, so I went through my catalog ahead of time and gave some thought to which songs might be related to courage and how. It was a thirty minute program, so I picked out five songs and wrote little introductions for each one (see below.)

The show went really well, considering it was the last thing on a Friday of a busy week and everyone was hot in the gym, and I did all that talking to introduce each song! I had three kids come up to add their responses to the "Fifty Ways to Say No" song, and Principal Tilkin came on stage with the air guitar for "Our Principal Plays in a Rock n Roll Band.

Many thanks to Bev Straub who took the photo of me with Principal Tilkin in her rock star get-up and emailed it to me!

Here's the program:

"Diving in the Deep Blue Sea"
Courage means facing the unknown. Nearly all the great things about modern life we owe to those few who were willing to take a risk and try something new. Our very country was founded on the spirit of exploration. This song is dedicated to all the scientists and explorers out there with the courage to discover something new. It's also dedicated to anyone who loves to read because reading is a great way to explore new places and new ideas.

"Howdy Song"
Courage means sticking your neck out. It takes courage to be the first to offer your hand in friendship, especially at a time of conflict. Violence may get you what you want in the short term, but it is the coward's way. Listening to the other side in an argument means risking that your ideas might be wrong. It takes true courage solve a problem through negotiation. This song is about bridging our differences and is dedicated to all the peacemakers of our world.

"Our Principal Plays in a Rock n Roll Band"
Courage means sticking with it. Those of us who work with kids have the most difficult and important jobs in the world, and also the most under appreciated. Your teachers face so many different challenges every day it can take a heap of courage sometimes just to get out of bed in the morning. This song is dedicated to all of your teachers and especially to Principal Tilkin.

"50 Ways to Say No to Drugs"
Courage means doing the right thing, even though you feel afraid. There will be times when you'll be afraid to make either choice, right or wrong. Doing the right thing might get you called a "fraidy cat" or "goody two shoes" while doing the wrong thing might be very hurtful or dangerous. Doing the right thing even in the face of ridicule is always courageous. Choosing the wrong thing because you are afraid of someone else's opinion is cowardly. This song is dedicated to you kids, because you will be making these kinds of choices as you grow up; they are what will make you the adult person you're going to be.

"Big Red Fire Truck"
Sometimes courage does mean facing danger. This song is dedicated to all the rescue workers - police, firemen, EMTs. These people face danger every day as part of their job in order to keep the rest of us safe.

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