Thursday, March 31, 2005

UNISONG International Song Contest - 2004 Contest - Winners

Too cool - I just got an email from the Unisong contest. It looks like their generic email sent to all the entrants to let them know the winners have been posted. So my first thought was, oh well, not this year. Last year when I took third place for "Diving in the Deep Blue Sea," the first I heard of it was a message on my answering machine. So I assumed that this year I didn't place.

Well it took a few moments of staring at the website to realize that the dude in the photo is me. I took second place this time in the children's category with "Loose Tooth."! Don't ask what prizes I'll receive, cause I don't know yet, but I do know that to place in the top three in this contest is a very high honor. The competition is open to professional songwriters all over the world and it's very tough to place. So I'm excited!

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I'm also excited for my friend Joe McDermott. His song, "Baby Kangaroo," placed second in the International Songwriting Contest. That news just came out yesterday. You can hear Joe's song several times a day on XM Kids. It's a great song - very fun and funny. And I love the ping-pong ball percussion.

All of Joe's music is great. Check him out here: Joe's Website

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