Thursday, March 10, 2005

On the Road in Fort Worth - Part 3

Well, I'm home now! Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday from Trinity Valley or Country Day School. John took some photos in the morning that came out too dark to use, so we tried, but it just didn't work out. The schools also took photos so I'll look for those in the email and share em when I get em.

Yesterday's shows were pretty amazing. At Trinity Valley I performed in a wonderful little theater, and using their sound system John said it was clear as a bell - he could hear every word. The kids were fantastic. They were so polite that during the opening song "Take Me to Your Library" I wondered if I was coming across, but they loosened up soon enough and their participation in "Grandma's House Tonight" was exemplary. The other songs in the program were "Lisa Lee Elizabeth," "The Brainiacs," "Library Bookaneers," "Hanging Out With Heroes" and "Trick or Treat." We just had a fun fun time with that group!

Twilight Zone moment of the week: John had made a joke the day before about the concertina I use with "Library Bookaneers." I usually have the kids guess what kind of instrument might be hiding in the little treasure chest I keep it in. He asked if anyone had ever guessed "Grand Piano." I said, no not that I remember. Then at BOTH of yesterday's shows we got "piano" as a joke guess-!!

The afternoon show at Country Day took place in a sort of a square carpeted pit with three or four levels leading down to the center. John and I didn't see how they planned to fit 300 kids in there, but the students arrived in an orderly manner and quickly took their places, and sure enough there was room to spare. I was close enough to everyone to see their eyes, so it felt very cozy.

I started off with "Jungle Junk" (for John), then "Take Me to Your Library," "The Brainiacs," "Frog Song" (being so close together this group was a bit more raucous - in a good way of course - and the frog song seemed a good choice to put some of that energy to use), "Library Bookaneers," "Hanging Out With Heroes." After "Library Bookaneers" I let myself get drawn in to answering a few questions from the audience, which is always fun, but then we ended up with time for only one more song. Ah, well.

The night before I had talked to my daughter Evalyn (4 years old next month!) on the phone. She told me, very excited, that she had heard me on XMKids. She said if the kids asked what my daughter told me to tell them she heard "Take Me to Your Library" on XMKids. Well, they didn't ask, but I told them anyway. I was surprised by how many hands went up when I asked who has XM radio and who listens to XMKids. It's very exciting to have a national outlet like that for kids' music!

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