Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Pop Up Sit Down"

Well I finished another song Friday - "Pop Up Sit Down." Actually I made two versions of it. If you know the song you know that I say a lot of things other than "Pop Up" just to play with the audience a bit and try to fool them. So each performance of this one was unique. I may find a way to release multiple versions so that once you learn what to expect on one you can surprise yourself by listening to a different performance.

It's been a long two days so far this week. I wanted to get the rest of the songs loaded up and ready to edit. I was maybe even going to do a quick mix of each so I could start working on sequencing the CD as a whole. Instead I've spent most of the time battling the computer. I won't bore you with the details, but I've done a lot of file copying and moving trying to get the software to deal properly with the audio so that I'll be able to take it to Steve later for mastering, bla bla bla. Anyhow, it's a lot of trying this or that and then waiting 20 minutes while big files get moved around. And I can't work on 'em while that's going on. And I may have just made a big mistake. Waiting for files to copy right now in an attempt to fix it. Very frustrating!

My guitarist, John, is coming over this evening to hear some of the mixes. It'll be the first time any of the band have heard the post production. Hopefully I'll have all this straightened out before he gets here! Wish me luck!

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