Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Calm Before the Storm

I can't believe my first summer show is nearly here! I'll perform at the Wilburton library 1:00 on Thursday - day after tomorrow!! Unfortunately Evalyn and Lisa will not be able to come with. Evalyn's dance recital dress rehearsal is that afternoon.

I've been practicing my songs every day, trying to get them memorized. The older I get the harder that is. I performed a bunch of these songs this Spring in the schools, but I'm still having trouble keeping them memorized! Too many songs in my head I guess. This is reminding me of Paul McCartney's new CD title - Memory Almost Full - great title! I hope it's a great CD because I just ordered it.

I've also been trying to get various things done in preparation for the big summer tour. One thing I did today was order a new banner. For years I've been performing with "Wacky Witty Way-Out Songs" on my banner. My program this summer is "Oklahoma CenTUNEial Celebration" so I figured a new banner was in store. The graphic I'm posting is a mock-up. The real thing will look way way cooler. Well, probably not, but it looks pretty cool, don't you think? Post a comment!

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