Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh, My!

Today was Evalyn's kindergarten field trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo! Lisa and I volunteered to go help corral the kids. Amazingly, there were enough parents there for each to be in charge of just one or two kids. Our little group had three adults and three children.

Evalyn's favorite part was watching the bats in the new Oklahoma Trails exhibit. Mine and Lisa's was watching a grizzly bear swimming around in the water, playing with a tree branch. We also saw the herpetorium (snake house), some big cats, elephants, gorillas, and the girls stopped to play with... rolypolys! Never mind that we have them all over our driveway at home.

Evalyn and I have a little tradition of singing the kookaburra song to the kookaburra whenever we come to its cage. You know, the one that goes "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree / Merry merry king of the bush is he / Laugh kookaburra, laugh kookaburra / Save some gum for me!" Today we sang it together as a round - it sounded really great!

Nothing else to report music-wise today. If you pre-ordered the Get a Clue CD, you should be receiving it soon if you haven't already! Let me know what you think!

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