Monday, May 21, 2007

Thanks, Kids!!

Most Thursdays this school year I've been visiting classrooms at Richmond Elementary, where Evalyn attends Kindergarten, with my guitar and binder in hand.

My purpose has been to try out new songs in front of actual kids, and get their feedback. (I've been doing this as part of my writing process for many years.) The songs on my new "Get a Clue" CD were each improved by the reactions and suggestions I collected from Richmond students this year. So thanks, everyone for your help, if you're reading this!!

This morning I visited all of the nine classrooms I worked with and delivered a shiny new copy of "Get a Clue" to each. (And when I say shiny I mean SHIIINEEEEY! - the cardboard sleeves have a brilliant protective coating that makes them invincible, and unfriendly to signing pens!)

It was fun to see everybody one last time and hopefully at this moment the kids are listening, enjoying, and picking out which bits I put in or changed based on their feedback!

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