Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Michael Orwick

I thought I would share the cover art for my new CD with you since I haven't posted it here yet. The drawing was done by Michael Orwick. He has perfectly captured the essence of my "Get a Clue" song, showing the objects of the boy's investigations gathering behind him as he reads.

I found Michael online when I was searching for an illustration to use in the Paws Claws Scales and Tales CD booklet for the song "I Took My Dragon For a Walk." His painting, "Clean Up After Your Pet" just happened to fit perfectly. It shows a kid at the park with a huge dragon on a leash. The kid is holding a sandbox shovel, and seems to be "sizing up" his chances of escaping the pooper scooper fine, prominently posted on a sign in front of him.

All of Michael's illustrations show great imagination and humor. Each one seems to tell its own story. My favorites include a penguin getting ready to test out a pair of mechanical wings, gossiping giraffes, and a bear dancing with moths in the moonlight. You can check them all out online at MichaelOrwick.com.

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