Thursday, May 31, 2007

First Library Program!

I performed at the library in Wilburton, OK today. It was my first summer reading program of the year! We had a fairly small group, but an enthusiastic one. I was grateful to the parents for their participation along with the kids! I had everyone standing up to become a wind farm - it was pretty cool.

Evalyn and Lisa weren't with me today because of Evalyn's dance recital dress rehearsal but they will be joining me in my itinerary next week. Being in the car together should give us plenty of time to finish Harry Potter books numbers five and six together in preparation for the release of the final book in July! (After seven hours on the road there and back today, I made the comment that my job isn't singing, it's driving! Whew!)

My lineup today was: "Howdy Song," "Oklahoma Land Rush, 1889," "My Oklahoma Home (It Blowed Away)," "Boom Town," "The Wind Energy Song," "Oklahoma Heroes at the Library," "Silly Song," and "Oklahoma Kids: A Kaleidoscope." That list will probably vary some over the summer depending on my audience, but it's pretty close to what you can expect if you come to one of my programs. Of course when Evalyn is with me we'll also do "Oklahoma Annie!"

Are you an XMKids fan? I spoke to Absolutely Mindy on the phone today. XMKids has my new CD, and they are planning on playing "Can You Guess" during their ShortWaves programming. Please call in and request it! I'm also hoping they'll play "Get a Clue" but they haven't added that one to the play list yet. I'll keep you posted.

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