Thursday, May 24, 2007

Holy Petrolium, Batman!

Wow! I filled Ruby Sue (our Subaru) at the gas pump the other day and just about choked at the total. I'll be driving nearly every day this summer to get to all of my gigs. I built the cost of travel into my fees, but not at these prices! It's going to hit my family pretty hard. And when I think that oil companies are still posting record-breaking profits - it doesn't seem right.

So when I received the invitation to blog about this from, I figured why not? I signed their petition to Congress to do something about price gouging by the oil companies. You can too - just click here.

I'll be doing a lot to prepare for summer shows over the next few days. My first one is a week from tomorrow! Check out my schedule to find out if I'll be playing in your town. Hopefully I'll see you at the library this summer!

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