Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ada + Super Flea Part I

I performed today at the Ada library. It wasn't quite the same without Janet Lee there. She has been the children's librarian for as long as we can remember, and we've been visiting Ada every summer for many many years in a row. She has retired, and we'll miss her! When Evalyn was a baby Janet gave her a stuffed buddy, and "Purple Monkey" has always been one of Ev's special favorites. She likes to bring him back to visit his place of origin. She brought him today, but was disappointed he didn't get to see Janet.

In a moment, some cool artwork from Evalyn. 

First, Lisa took a few photos during "Pop U p / Sit Down" at today's show...
"Sometimes it helps me feel laid back and loose..."
Evalyn is ready to "pop up"...

In the car today Evalyn started working on a comic book version of my new song, "Super Flea!" Here is the first page for you to enjoy, followed by the song lyrics it is based on. Click the picture for a slightly larger, more legible version.

Panel 1
Who's faster than a lightning strike?

Panel 2
More powerful than dynamite?

Panel 3
Yet smaller than a bumble bee?

Panel 4
It's Super Flea to the rescue!

Panel 5
And with his sleepy sidekick, Mighty Mutt

Panel 6
His mission is to rid the world of every evil nut.

To be continued... 

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  1. claire11:44 AM

    great job! u are an awesome artist and u have fantastic handwriting.