Saturday, June 07, 2008


Last night I performed at Buck Thomas Memorial Park in Moore for their concert in the park series. I was the opening act for Zoom City. Oddly enough, we've appeared on the same stage before for a similar concert series in Paul's Valley! 

Last night was a fun show. The weather was great, if a bit windy. I had an attentive audience and it was cool to be outside.  A good-sized group of kids came up front to participate for "You're a Dinosaur" and "Pop Up, Sit Down." I also did my new bug songs, and I saw some pretty impressive dancing going on during "Creepy Crawly Party Time."

After the show, two young fans came up to hand me some artwork they had done by way of a thank-you. Is that cool, or what? I scanned in their pictures so you can see them too:

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