Monday, June 02, 2008

First Summer Show in Sand Springs

My first two summer shows went well today in Sand Springs. I debuted three brand new songs, "Catch the Reading Bug," "Super Flea," and "Insect Zoo," plus a buggy new version of "Silly Song." Lisa likes to photograph me during "Silly Song" for some reason...

Here I'm posing with the children's librarian. Check out that hat! There's a bug on it! That's the reading bug!
Evalyn grabbed a bite to eat while I loaded the car after the show. She was not on stage with me today. We've worked on a couple of songs together this year but are not yet ready to perform them. Maybe later in the summer.
Tomorrow I'll do a show at Zarrow. (I just can't help rhyming!) That's one of the Tulsa branch libraries, at 2:00. Then on Friday at 7:00 I'm on stage for the concert in the park series in Moore. Next week: four days in a row! 

I'll be posting often during the summer. Thanks for reading! See you soon!

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