Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ft. Gibson and Checotah + Super Flea Part II

Today I performed at the libraries in Ft. Gibson and then in Checotah. Evalyn came along for the ride, but Lisa had to stay home to get some other work done. Ev and I had fun together. She did a whole lot of reading in the car and during the shows.

The libraries sure are having fun decorating for the theme this year! Here are some photos from Checotah...

Here is Part II of Evalyn's comic book adaptation of my "Super Flea" song. Applicable sections from the lyrics follow. Click the image for a slightly larger more legible version.

Panel 1:
When last we left our heroes they were prisoners in the pound
Confined behind a combination lock

Panel 2:
Houdini's Guide to Picking Locks - Flea looks up what to do
He picks the lock and exits in a blur

Panel 3:
Super Flea to the rescue!

Panel 4:
Meanwhile two librarians are tied up at the desk
Watching helpless as their books are being destroyed

Panel 5:
By a vacuum-like contraption hooked in manners most grotesque
To the forehead of a leering humanoid

Panel 6:
We watch the Doctor's eyes pop as his bottom goes in the air
Being lifted by the Flea's atomic might

Panel 7:
But then Flea sees the waistband of the Doctor's underwear:
It's woven out of siphonopterite!

(Skipping ahead a bit)
Panel 8:
A monstrous pile of literature has buried Dr. K.
Super Flea flips lightly to his feet.

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