Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching Up

Here are a slew of photos from last Thursday at Perry and Mustang.

But first I want to share an email with you that I received from one of the dads who saw the show at the Mustang library, and likes to perform my songs himself for his son at home:

"The Mustang Library Show was awesome, loved the show and so did my son. We all love your CD's especially The SLimy Green COncert Thingamuhoochee ... uh yeah, that one. Having the song lyrics with chords on them was a super wonderful Idea.. I really like playing the Silly SOng and Love That Baby (I change the gender in my cover lol) for my son Hunter. I named him after Jimi Hendrix (middle name) and Hunter S Thompson (first name). He must have good musical taste...because he loves your stuff too." - Ron Horschler

Thanks, Ron, emails like that really make my day! I'm glad you and Hunter enjoyed the show and my CDs!

Ron has his own blog, here, with lots of cool music videos. 

Now on to the photos. The first two are from the Perry library, where I performed in the outdoor pavilion. The wind blew my banner down, but other than that it was fun to be outside singing on a sunny morning.

Then it was on to the Mustang library where we met Eric Herman and his family between shows. Eric is another children's musician - in fact if you like my songs, you're sure to like his as well. He's been on the road with his family in their big colorful RV traveling across the country for about four months! If you catch one of his library "bug" shows this summer, you might hear him play one of my songs!

Here's me and Eric:

This is me on the left, then Eric's daughter, Evee, and two other kids watching my daughter Evalyn and Eric's other daughter Becca put on a puppet show. Evee is short for Evelyn, by the way. It's not too often we get two of them in the same room!

For some reason Lisa loves to photograph me during "Silly Song":
Here is Becca dancing during "Pop Up Sit Down," with Evee and Evalyn crouching in the foreground:
Evalyn says she was just happy in this shot:
Oklahoma Storyteller Chester Weems was also in the audience. He took the following photos and sent them to me. This one shows how big the room is!

Here I am signing autographs after the program:
It was a busy day, followed by a busy weekend because I had a Children's Music Network board meeting to attend. Tomorrow, I'll be taping some segments for Tri-City TV in Bartlesville, and I have a 2:00 program at the library in Collinsville. 

I'd better get some sleep!

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  1. It was really great meeting you and hanging out with you, Monty and Lisa and Evalyn. We all had a lot of fun, and my girls are still singing "super flea, to the rescue!" and "(clap) catch the reading bug". Gotta get those recorded, eh?

    Best of luck on the TV shoot.

    Take care,