Thursday, June 05, 2008

The World I Imagine

You know when you get to talking with your friends about how unfair the world is? And you get all into how it ought to be different? Then you kind of laugh at yourself and say, "Well someone should just put me in charge! Ha ha!" And then you drop it go on about your business...

Well Debbie Jordan had a bunch of those kinds of thoughts and she didn't just drop it, she published it! Her book, The World I Imagine, is now available at In it she lays out a simple but comprehensive common-sense plan for world peace. Debbie, you've got my vote if ever you run for Supreme Master of the Planet!

So how did I find out about this book? Well, I'm in it! Debbie contacted me a while back asking permission to quote one of my songs. She uses a few short quotes from "If Kids Ruled the World," a song I wrote with fifth graders, in the introduction to her book - right on page one! Her point is that many songs express the wish to run things. She even quotes John Lennon later in the same paragraph!

It was exciting to receive a book with references in it to one of my songs!

Tomorrow, I open for Zoom City at 7:00 PM at Buck Thomas Park in Moore, OK. It should be a fun evening outdoor gig, if it doesn't rain!

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