Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I did two shows at the McAlester Library today. The children's librarian there, Anita, works mighty hard for her kids. In between her two library programs she re-sets the room to distribute a free lunch to any kids who show up for it. She has a great bunch of kid volunteers working for her, and she's also a real go-getter when it comes to drumming up funding from the community.

This photo is from "Insect Zoo," a new song, which I'm still working out the participation to. Any song that includes kid interactions takes some time to "settle" - every show I learn a little something new about what works and what doesn't. Here we're doing "grasshoppers gliding." (That's Anita back there helping me out.)
The rest of these photos were taken with some of the helpers. I've kind of gotten to know these kids over the years that I've been visiting McAlester and it was great to see them again today!

Here we are with a toad! There were also painted lady butterfly chrysalises, and a preying mantis egg for the kids to observe.

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