Thursday, July 12, 2007

Are We Done Yet?

Well, silly me, I forgot to put the camera in the car this morning, so we have no photos from Glenpool today. This photo is from yesterday - Lisa caught me glancing at my watch!

Today's show went very well. The program room was small enough I didn't use the sound system, and it was raining so we thought it'd probably be a small group. But kids kept coming in during the first song until the room was jam packed. They were fantastic singers and participators, too, especially on "Oklahoma Kids, a Kaleidoscope!" It gave me goose bumps.

Only eleven shows left in six days on the road over the next two weeks. It's hard to believe the end of our summer tour is in sight!

Next week is Piedmont, Lawton, and Hardesty branch in Tulsa. See you at the library!

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