Monday, July 09, 2007

Hearts For Hearing Camp

It was kind of fun for Evalyn and me to be on our own today. In the car we listened to some CDs that she is judging for the CMW Awards. When we got to the church where the Hearts For Hearing camp is located we ate our lunch together, then Evalyn entertained herself with her bag of toys while I set up.

The show was fun - it was a very small group, so I could be a bit informal and answer questions and discuss the history behind the songs a bit more than usual.

I took the photo of Evalyn above. The group photo was taken by the gentleman who came to read his cowboy poetry to the kids after my program was over. Now I wish I'd taken a photo of him and written down his name! Evalyn enjoyed his poems while I packed up the car. But I didn't get to talk to him afterward because I told Lisa I'd be home by 4:00 so she could get to the post office.

As it turned out, Lisa spent the whole day stuffing envelopes and made it only about half-way through the pile! The CMW Web Awards is a bigger job then either of us figured on. PJ Swift has been doing it all on her own for years and years. Kudos to PJ! I'll bet she's glad to get a break, but I also know she's busy with other projects this summer.

So tomorrow I'm on my own. Lisa will stay behind to finish mailing out packages and Evalyn will stay behind for her dance lessons while I spend most of the day driving! Well, time to load up the old iPod Shuffle...

See you at the library!

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