Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Monty & Friends Get a Clue on XMKids!

Here's a photo from the Wetumka library on June 7. Evalyn reads Ariel under the table.

And speaking of libraries and reading, and songs about such things, all this time...

I've been checking the XM database under "Monty Harper" to find out if my songs "Get a Clue" and "Can You Guess" have played yet on XMKids. The result kept coming up negative.

Today Lisa thought to search by the title instead. And... apparently they both have been played! The last time was on June 23.

The trick is, they are each listed under the artist "Monty Harper wit." That must be short for "Monty Harper with Scribblemonster" and "Monty Harper with Mr. Billy." (Why searching for "Monty Harper" doesn't also turn up "Monty Harper wit" I'll never know.)

Anyhow, all you XMKids fans out there, please call in to request "Can You Guess" and "Get a Clue" (there's another "Get a Clue" they also play, so be sure to specify the Monty Harper "Get a Clue" with the ScribbleMonster band)!

XMKids is on XM Satellite Radio, channel 116, and also on DirecTV channel 868.

You can call in your request whenever there's a live DJ, at 866 328 2345. The DJs are very friendly and good at talking to kids on the phone.

OR, you can email your request to xmkids@xmradio.com. You can even ask them to play it on a date and time you know you're going to be in the car listening.

See you at the library!

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