Thursday, July 05, 2007


Today we did three shows at my hometown library here in Stillwater. This is always a treat, not just because we don't have to travel, but they know me here. The audiences are great. My parents and Lisa's mom and sister get to see the show. And we get to socialize a bit with the librarians over lunch.

Sales were fantastic today - we sold 54 items! Of course that means I'm up late restocking the sales box and calling in all the credit card sales.

I passed something of a milestone, too, while bringing CDs in from the garage. I opened up the last box of 100 Jungle Junk! CDs. Here's something for you Jungle Junk! fans out there to know: after these last 100 are gone, I don't plan on making any more. Sales of my earlier CDs are too slow to justify filling the garage with another 1,000 copies (that's the minimum order that makes any financial sense). But take heart - one of these days I'll probably re-release the songs in some form, and they'll always be available for download at iTunes.

Tomorrow we'll be performing outside (weather permitting!) in Perry. See you at the library!


  1. The Computer Illiterate4:37 PM

    We enjoyed your program as always. We really liked it when you and Evalyn harmonized. Boom Town is a favorite of mine.

  2. Thanks! Evalyn and I worked hard on learning that harmony part in "Oklahoma Annie"!