Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We had a terrific show this morning at the Piedmont library. The first photo above was taken by Rhonda Turley, the librarian. See Flat Stanley in there? He's been visiting libraries all over the country!

Our friend Chester, from Chester's Party Barn was there, and he took us out to lunch! We enjoyed catching up with him and learning about the various projects he's involved with lately. Maybe one of these days I'll get to write him some songs!

We made it home in time to catch most of Rana McCoy's musical at the library. Rana was Lisa's piano teacher for many years, and she and her students recorded the song "Junior Detective's Club" for my Get a Clue CD. Every summer Rana writes and produces a musical play for the library, which involves kids as the performers. It was a stirring show, and very informative about the many people who've made Oklahoma such a great state. We were very glad we caught it - it's rare during the summer for us to get to see any of the other programs!

Just three more days to Harry Potter #7!! We are all keyed up for it!

See you at the library!

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