Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hardesty Branch, Tulsa

We had a nice evening show at the Hardesty branch library in Tulsa today. As you can see I snuck the camera out and took a couple of rare photos of Lisa and Evalyn together. This is how they pass the time at each library while I'm setting up for the show, and also during the show until it's time for Evalyn to perform - reading together. We also read in the car and at bedtime every night. Evalyn must be the most read-to kid in the world!

Only three days of shows left next week - Tuesday we're in Chanute and Parsons, KS; Wednesday in Muskogee and Okmulgee, and Thursday in Duncan.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I have a meeting with my former ISP to try to regain control of two of my domain names, and Why they still have them is a long story but basically, they want a lot of money out of me or they'll shut down the sites. I just want to get administration of the domains transfered to HostBaby, where the sites actually "live." This has been a thorn in my side for almost two years. Hopefully it'll all get straightened out tomorrow.

Harry Potter on Saturday! We plan to attend one or more release parties tomorrow evening, but we'll play it by ear as to whether we want to hang out until midnight. We've already got a copy of the book coming via on Saturday. We'll be trying to get it read before Tuesday's shows so we don't overhear any spoilers, which is what happened last time!

See you at the library!

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