Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Call This an Adventure

We took one last day trip with Paw Paw and Grandma today, before the start of first grade tomorrow. Evalyn says she is excited, nervous, tired, and happy.

We visited the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Norman. In the photo Evalyn is "digging up" a dinosaur bone in the Discovery Room. There wasn't much digging to do, however - nearly all the sand is missing from the digging pit! Maybe sand only seemed like a good idea, until kids actually started playing in it! Or maybe it's been slowly removed, one shoeful at a time.

The dinosaurs in that museum are fantastic, by the way; Evalyn's favorite was the mighty Apatosaurus, who's feet are on the floor and who's head must be observed from the top of an elevator ride.

Lisa is coordinating the judging for the Children's Music Web Awards this year, and Evalyn volunteered to be a judge. So for the car trip down to Norman I brought my iPod with a splitter, and Evalyn and I both plugged in. We listened together to eight songs that were entered in the "Best Song For Younger Children" category.

I was impressed with Evalyn as a judge! She decisively assigned numbers to each song for words, music, and overall impression. She has great taste, too; her least favorites and favorite songs corresponded precisely with my own!

The next phase of judging is done by school classrooms. If are a teacher or know of a teacher who would like to do this, or if you just want to find out more, please post a comment or send us an email!

Well, maybe tomorrow I'll get some of my own work done. Stay tuned...

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