Friday, August 24, 2007

Spare the Rock

I want to tell you about an exciting project we just finished, but first...

Thanks to Mary at the Payne County Health Department for sending in this photo! I performed there a couple of weeks ago (August 7th) to entertain kids who were waiting to be immunized. It was a slow morning, but the folks who were there seemed to enjoy the music. I had fun singing through much of my songbook, including many songs I hadn't performed in quite some time.

The exciting project is a new "Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child" episode. Lisa, Evalyn, and I filled in for the regular hosts Bill and Ella, which we've done a couple of times before.

The show kicks off with Evalyn's new favorite They Might Be Giants song, "Happy Doesn't Have to Have an Ending." This is from the Bed Bed Bed book and CD, and it's a rocking little song that we can't help but dance to. These past few days Evalyn has wanted to put that song on repeat at high volume while picking up her room and getting ready for bed. (We can even get her to DO things in order to hear it! How long will that last?)

Other highlights of the show include a few awesome birthday songs for me plus a Will Hale song that I co-wrote, and several selections from the Brian Wilson Smile CD, which is another current favorite of Evalyn's (and always a favorite of mine!). The second half of the show has a back to school theme, which Lisa put together. She did a fantastic job with that!

You can listen to the whole shebang right here. You can see the song list and leave a comment here. You can also subscribe on iTunes and get the weekly podcast. This is an excellent source for great kid's music!! It's a two hour show every Saturday, often featuring live music, interviews with artists, guest hosts, and always great songs.

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